Tuesday, November 19, 2002

PlayStation Role Playing Games (RPG)

Sorted by Alphabetical letters:

A :
Alundra (PAL FR)
Azure Dreams (PAL FR)
Alundra 2 A New Legend Begins (NTSC US)
Alundra 2 Une Nouvelle Légende Est Née! (PAL FR)
Amerzone (photo to add)
Atlantis (photo to add)
Aztec (photo to add)
Arc The Lad Collection (5CD) (NTSC US)
- Arc The Lad
- Arc The Lad II
- Arc The Lad III (2CD)
- Arc Arena, Monster Battle

B :
Battle Hunter (NTSC US)
Beyond The Beyond (NTSC US)
Blaze & Blazde Eternal Quest (PAL FR)
Blood Omen Legacy Of Kain (NTSC US)
Brave Fencer Musashi (NTSC US)
Breath Of Fire III (PAL FR)
Breath Of Fire III (NTSC US)
Breath Of Fire IV (NTSC US)
Brigandine, The Legend Of Forsena (NTSC US)

C :
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (NTSC US)
Chrono Trigger (NTSC US)
Chrono Cross (2CD) (NTSC US)

D :
Darkstone (PAL FR)
Dark Omen Warhammer (photo to add)
Diablo (PAL FR)
Discworld Noir (PAL FR)
Discworld (photo to add)
Discworld II (photo to add)
Digimon World (NTSC US)
Digimon World 2 (NTSC US)
Digimon World 3 (NTSC US)
Dragon Seeds (NTSC US)
Dragon Warrior VII (2CD) (NTSC US)
Dragon Valor (2CD) (NTSC US)

E :
Egypte 1156 AV. J.C. (PAL FR)
Egypt II, La Prophecie d'Helipilopis (photo to add)
Eternal Eyes (NTSC US)

F :
Final Fantasy Origins (FF I & FF II) (NTSC US)
Final Fantasy IV (NTSC US)
Final Fantasy Anthology (FF V & FF VI) (2CD) (NTSC US)
Final Fantasy VII (4CD) [3CD + 1CD International Bonus] (PAL FR+NTSC JAP)
Final Fantasy VIII (4CD) (PAL FR)
Final Fantasy IX (4CD) (PAL FR)
Final Fantasy Tactics (NTSC US)
Front Mission 3 (NTSC US)

G :
Gauntlet Legends (PAL FR)
Guardian's Crusade (NTSC US)
Grandia (2CD) (PAL FR)
Grandia [UbiSOft Exclusive] (2CD) (PAL FR)

H / J / K :
Hoshigami, Ruining Blue Earth (NTSC US)
Herc's Adventure (PAL FR)
Jade Cocoon, La Légende De Tamamayu (PAL FR)
Jade Cocoon, The Legend Of The Tamamayu (NTSC US)
Koudelka (4CD) (PAL FR)

L :
Legend Of Kartia (PAL FR)
Legend Of Legaia (NTSC US)
Legend Of Mana (NTSC US)
Little Big Adventure (PAL FR)
Les Chevaliers de Baphomet (PAL FR)
Les Boucliers de Quetzalcoatl (PAL FR)
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (4CD) [Soundtrack & Making Of inclus] (NTSC US)
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete (5CD) [Soundtrack & Making Of inclus] (NTSC US)

M :
Magic The Gathering, Battlemage (NTSC US)
Master Of Monsters, Disciples Of Gaia (NTSC US)
Megaman Legends (NTSC US)
Megaman Legends 2 (NTSC US)
Monkey Hero (NTSC US)
Monster Seed (photo to add)
Monster Rancher (NTSC US)
Monster Rancher 2 (NTSC US)
Monster Rancher Ranche Battle Card Episode II (NTSC US)
Myst (photo to add)

O / P :
Ogre Battle, Limited Edition : The March Of The Black Queen (NTSC US)
Parasite Eve (2CD) (NTSC US)
Parasite Eve 2 (2CD) (NTSC US)
Persona : Revelations Series (NTSC US)
Persona 2 : Eternal Punishement (NTSC US)

R :
Riven, The Sequel To Myst (5CD) (PAL FR)
Rhapsody, A Musical Adventure (NTSC US)
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms VI : Awakening Of The Dragon (NTSC US)

S :
Saga Frontier (NTSC US)
Saga Frontier 2 (PAL FR)
Saga Frontier II (NTSC US)
Saiyuki, A Journey West (NTSC US)
Shadow Madness (2CD) (NTSC US)
Star Ocean (2CD) (NTSC US)
Suikoden (PAL US)
Suikoden II (NTSC US)

T :
Tactics Ogre, Let's Cling Togheter [Ogre Battle Series] (NTSC US)
Tail Concerto (PAL FR)
Tales Of Destiny (NTSC US)
Tales Of Destiny II : Tales Of Eternia (3CD) (NTSC US)
Tiny Toons, The Beanstalk Adventure
Tiny Toons Plucky's Adventure (photo to add)

Torneko, The Last Hope : Dragon Warrior World (NTSC US)
The Granstream Saga (PAL FR)
The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne (NTSC US)
The Legend Of Dragoon (4CD) (PAL FR)
The Legend Of Dragoon (4CD) (NTSC US)
Thousand Arms (2CD) (NTSC US)
Threads Of Fate (NTSC US)

V :
Vagrant Story (PAL FR)
Vagrant Story (NTSC US)
Valkyrie Profile (2CD) (NTSC US)
Vanguard Bandits (NTSC US)
Vandal Hearts (PAL FR)
Vandal Hearts II (PAL FR)
Versailles, Complot A La Cours Du Roi Soleil (PAL FR)

W :
WarCarft II (PAL FR)
Warhammer, Shadow Of The Horned Rat (PAL FR)
Wild Arms (PAL FR)
Wild Arms (NTSC US)
Wild Arms 2 (2CD) (NTSC US)

X / Y :
Xenogears (2CD) (NTSC US)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (PAL FR)

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